Collaborative Working

  • Launch sessions through which tutor engages individuals or multiple groups

  • Scenarios are described, groups’ roles explained, and discussion encouraged

  • Voting mechanic encourages group discussion as voting is done via the group leader

  • Tutor has final vote and can explain reasoning to groups

  • The resolution/result is achieved via the final vote

How each participant dealt with the issues and the result of their decision-making is visible to the educator and on the master screen. Every session is recorded and saved by the framework.



The FREE packages, yours to keep after the free trial has expired:

  • Crispin Centre Planning - redevelopment involving a listed building

  • Tavasham Town - a new use for an historic building in the Market Square

  • Fleece and Firkin - threat to cultural heritage

  • Tavasham Town Growth - which site should be chosen for new housing?


In production: A guide to Wells Cathedral - an example of how to plan a school trip.

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