Tailored Content

Framework has a set structure:


  • Map Markers pinpoint and points of interest (POIs)

  • Overview of scenario available via menu tab

  • Proposal tabs provides options

  • Vote Options menu tab

  • Resolution (Result) menu tab

Modules can be written to meet specific issues that will build up into a library of exploration and collaborative working.


The framework can be used for a wide variety of purposes, ranging from classroom teaching of almost any subject at any level through to management training.


The FREE packages, yours to keep after the free trial has expired:

  • Crispin Centre Planning - redevelopment involving a listed building

  • Tavasham Town - a new use for an historic building in the Market Square

  • Fleece and Firkin - threat to cultural heritage

  • Tavasham Town Growth - which site should be chosen for new housing?


In production: A guide to Wells Cathedral - an example of how to plan a school trip.

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